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About REOcentral™

REOcentral™ is a specialized REOMS™ asset management system designed specifically for “Reverse Mortgage” real estate owned (REO) disposition. REOcentral™ is a task-based REOMS™ system that routes and assigns tasks to the appropriate responsible parties to include asset managers, realtors, appraisal companies, title companies, closing companies, and property preservations vendors. REOcentral™ tracks the assignment, completion, and notification of past-due tasks. The REOcentral™ team consists of seasoned staff of real estate, mortgage professionals, and technical expertise that understands the methodologies to efficiently take a property from pre-marketing to final disposition inclusion of HUD Claim filings. REOcentral™ uses a widely deployed, technically advanced REOMS™ solution for asset management unique to the reverse mortgage REO disposition process.


REOcentral™ philosophy combines a “customer first” attitude with a thorough and creative analysis utilizing our real estate and mortgage lending expertise resulting in efficient execution of client objectives.


REOcentral™ provides clients and REO vendors with a hosted software solution (SAS-Software As A Service). REOcentral™ automates the task-based processes for Asset Managers, Listing Agents, and REO 3rd party Service providers. REOcentral™ centralizes all parties involved in the REO disposition process in a safe and secure hosted environment. Our proven strategies offer our customers numerous unique advantages. Our comprehensive REOMS™ software solution is specifically designed to reduce your expense and save you time during the REO disposition process, as well as property management of the REO.

REO Management Solutions, LLC

The REOcentral™ software solution is provided by REO Management Solutions, LLC. REO Management Solutions, LLC provides reverse mortgage real estate asset management services, including management, preparation for sale, marketing and sale of REO properties.


Current Version - REOcentral v5.52