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Reverse Mortgage Solutions, Inc. (RMS) and REO Management Solutions, LLC were recently acquired by Mortgage Assets Management, LLC (MAM) as part of a stock and asset purchase transaction entered into with Ditech Holding Corporation. MAM is a mortgage portfolio investment company headquartered in Washington, DC.

REO News

Convicted Former Live Well CEO Requests Acquittal or New Trial
The former CEO of Live Well Financial, convicted on five counts in an alleged bond fraud scheme, is now seeking an acquittal or an entirely new trial after alleging his previous attorney's defense was insufficient.

Alt Equity Firm Figure to Merge with Mortgage Lender Homebridge
Alternative equity tapping company Figure Technologies and mortgage lender Homebridge Financial Services have announced a merger.

Treasury Dept.: Reverse Mortgages May Qualify For American Rescue Plan Funds
The U.S. Department of the Treasury released new guidance about the American Rescue Plan, detailing that certain borrowers of nontraditional mortgages — including reverse mortgages — may qualify for aid under the law.

Financial Planner: When a Reverse Mortgage Makes Sense for a Borrower
In her second of two columns focused on explaining how a reverse mortgage can be beneficial for certain seniors, a financial planner explores product features like a reverse mortgage line of credit and HECM for Purchase.

FHA Extends Eviction Moratorium, But Foreclosures on Schedule to Resume
While foreclosures are set to resume in August, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) has extended a ban on foreclosure-related evictions after urging from the Biden administration which affects the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) program.

Anxiety Over Retirement Security Dominates Across Political, Generational Lines
Anxiety over retirement security is a major concern for many Americans across generational and political lines, but some generations are more affected by this anxiety than others. The reverse mortgage industry should pay attention.

HW Media CEO: Why Reverse Mortgages are Worth Investing in
The Founder and CEO of RMD's new parent company HW Media, Clayton Collins, sits down with us about why reverse mortgages are worth investing in, and what RMD's new home could mean for the reverse mortgage industry.

How Reverse Mortgages Could Become a Vehicle for Real Estate Investment
A columnist describes how reverse mortgages could potentially become a new vehicle to allow for real estate investments in the future, though reputational issues linger.

Big Bank Exits Add Importance to Financial Planner Referrals for Reverse Mortgages
The importance of financial planners as reverse mortgage referral partners can be traced back to the exit of major banks from the business, and product experts discuss this and the care originators should take when engaging in certain kinds of outreach and advertising.

State Governments’ Efforts to Stave Off Retirement Savings Crisis Pick Up Steam
In lieu of federal progress in helping American workers save for retirement, state governments are forming their own programs — and making good progress.